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INTRODUCTION: Wanting to keep this forum post as clean as possible due to my ocd. But, let's get started with this introduction to the guild shall we? You can call me Michino, I am the guild master for our so called guild called Lofi that I'm currently recruiting (duh) It first started as a group of friends who wanted a place to chat one another.
But, we soon realize our guild is to small! So, thus we are here making a guild thread to our guild

What is Lofi? : Lo-fi music which is from the term "low fidelity" is recorded music that is of lower quality than the usual contemporary standards. The term was adopted in late 1986 by WFMU DJ William Berger, who dedicated a weekly half-hour segment of his program to home-recorded music under the name Lo-Fi.

What do we have to offer? : We offer the following...
1. Discord
2. Bossing
3. Alliance (currently alliance with another guild other then our own who is also as small as ours
4. Chill/Afk places
5. Family
6. Guild Events (on rare occasions)

What we required of you:
1. Mains only - as we are a small guild and we would like to talk to active members not dead members :<
2. Follow nexons tos
3. We despise botters/hackers (which is part of the tos i believe) so a kick is initiated if you are spotted
4. Be active and talkative :D
Note: We understand that you have lives outside of maplestory. As well as we do. So logging in 2-3 days at most is greatly appreicated. Or even a heads up if you will be inactive for awhile ^^

Guild Application
There is no guild application. New and old players are all welcome :3 just apply via guild tab and I'll accept or a junior will when we are on.