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New guild looking for members! Eu - Luna

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Hi im Lufuu the proud owner of the new guild LittleLight, and when i say new.. i mean super new! level one two members, i am currently leveling a Luminous only at 121 but is my new main, my highest is a level 201.. so i like to believe i have some game knowledge

My story:

Playing maple i often end up feeling lonely just grinding aimlessly, but i wanted to change so i tried to join guilds to make friends... i applied to a lot of guilds.. but got rejected from all off them.. even the guilds that say they accept all! so i decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own guild


I want this guild to be amazing! not in terms of levels or damage, i want this to be a please for friends, family.. a place were we don't judge each other and rely on each other a big group of people were we can all have fun and just chill, helping each other out with missions or advice.. that sort of thing : )


I know right now this guild wont seem like much.. we don't have anything but a dream i hope some of you out there will find interest in this guild if you havn't joined one already, add me in game Lufuu (or SenpaiSnowyy) and lets talk about it : ) any questions you might have.. or if you want to join the guild, i would love to here from you, Thank you


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    The guild littlelight is still recruiting, and anyone is welcome to apply to the guild. Or you can have a chat with me (LoadiLy) or Lufuu first if you'd want that