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My Evan seems to be stuck

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The only job quest available on my 157 Evan is level 60 Silver Heroes Emblem - Find Cassandra if you need another Silver Heroes Emblem. I have been to Cassandra several times but she only has current event info. I might have dropped my silver heroes emblem because I have the gold heroes emblem now. I want to finish the Nova Step up Event and I need to do Birth of an Alliance but the last Evan Quests I have are The Past, Onyx Dragons, Black Mage, Evan's Token for an Epic Hero, After Shedding 2, and Job Advancement 4. I don't have any in progress Evan quests either. This frustrates me because I am a completionist at heart and don't see how to get back on the quest line. I checked the Frog house in Ludibrium and Bavan - the house is blocked - Bavan doesn't have any quests. What can I do?