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monster life rant

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i think monster life is useless and when u click on someone's profile, it should be toggled or removed. here's why...

so, i was on monster life, and i was on my farm. so, the game told me to create a farm although i'm in my own farm. also, when i change my profile picture, the picture is heavily pixelated. like, i have a red bomberman (from super bomberman r) pfp and it was high quality when i first downloaded it. however, when it comes to saving said image in the monster life avatar settings, it's very very pixelated, like a glitch aesthetic (although i like glitch aesthetics).

anyone getting this bug that nexon refuses to fix????


  • AKradianAKradian
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    "this bug that Nexon refuses to fix"?
    Have you reported it before? Has anyone?
    Did you make a support ticket or try talking to Live Chat support?

    I remember encountering issues setting my farm profile picture. It has to be a very specific size or the game does weird things to it (doesn't scale correctly).
    Unfortunately I don't remember the details of how I got it to work.

    As for being asked to create a farm even though you already have one, I've never heard of this. (Which is not to say it's never happened to anyone else, just that it isn't widespread)
  • BulbasaurBulbasaur
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    You have to use a 100x100 jpeg image or it doesn't scale properly. Even then the image quality will be poorer than the file's image.
  • SadVirginSadVirgin
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    I know the image for my farm looks fine inside monster life itself, but comes out pixelated and smushed together in my character's UI. The scale/dimensions is probably not the same.
  • PizzaaaPizzaaa
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    My picture is also fine when before I upload it, but whenever I click on my own character, I see it pixelated.