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Neglected searching for a guild for a while since I wanted to join a streamers one (haven't been made yet) and I realized that it's probably not worth it to join if I wanted to progress faster in the game. Although there are many guilds that offer carries per X contribution, looking for one here so it's not as weird. (randomly joining one is pretty weird in my opinion). So basically, I'm searching for one that can carry and has a good guild community (that is also lenient on activity since during school, I can't play as much). I'm a lv 204 hayato.


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    So what you're saying is you won't GP cap in a guild? That's the point of a guild honestly, growing together.

    The way my guild works is I see you contributing in guild by seeing the GP rising.
    If I don't see it rise, idk what to say.....
    If i do see it rise and hit 35k or 50k you get carries

    35k for anything ez/normal

    50k for cvel, hellux, hmag.

    A lot of the active guilds ask for contribution from the guild members.
    They don't want to see someone getting gear then leaving because that's rude.

    Idk you're free to join my guild, Sleepy, But GP Cap is an issue if you want gear progression/help.

    I don't mean to sound rude but this is my opinion on it.