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Mercedes Sylvidia Glitch

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Bug type: Skill not functioning as intended

Brief bug summary: Using Ishtar's Ring and hitting an enemy while riding Sylvidia will cause the permanent Ignis 10 stacks to vanish over time during the skill's uptime.

This is possibly caused by the new effect of Ishtar's Ring introduced by Nova update: each hit on an enemy will increase the duration of ignis stacks by 0.1s.

More details: I reported this glitch shortly after Nova update on Nov. 29th, the glitch was fixed during the maintenance on Dec. 7th but was reverted on Dec. 13th after the Illium update. The glitched remained unfixed till now.

Steps to reproduce: 1. Use Sylvidia 2. Use Ishtar's Ring and hit an enemy (has to hit an enemy, this is important) 3. Wait for about 10-15s (depending on character's buff duration) 4. The Ignis 10 stacks buff will disappear even though Sylvidia skill is still in effect (this violates Sylvidia's skill description, which keeps Ignis 10 stacks buff during its uptime ever since the introduction of this skill).