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[WINDIA] Memento Guild is open to anyone

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Memento Guild is Recruiting players!
[Level 12 Guild]

Windia is the third most populated server in the normal version of the game after Bera and Scania.

Feel free to apply no matter your level or class.

If you have questions or need help, just message IgnisRengeki in game :)


  • tnyzngtnyzng
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    so you mean windia is completely dead

    like the effort though o:)
  • SecondHeroSecondHero
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    Our guild is pretty poppin' if I must say so myself. 10+ people online, even in the dead of night.

    And Windia isn't as dead as you make it out to be. I'm not on the forums very much (because I'm busy playing in Windia), but feel free to stop by some time! :D
  • NaelcmNaelcm
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    Any open spaces? I looked yesterday and it looked like it was at capacity. 210 DA just trying to have some fun.
  • XiangTuXiangTu
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    They have this one member who writes 'reee' after literally everything. He was really active in the chat. I had to leave.
  • VaeityVaeity
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    Could I maybe join if there's any more open spaces? c':
  • CapybaraCapybara
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    Is this guild still open?
  • StarxiazStarxiaz
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    Hello I'm 38 and rising I am a new player , I would love to join your guild is there a way I can contact you in game?