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Something wrong Nexon?

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how i can clear stage 1F with 4k HP? many button require need press, but Msea not.



  • KlaraKlara
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    You're supposed to kill the group of guards after each gate so they don't gang up on you.
  • EXdestEXdest
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    You got nexon-ed
  • Retr0_Retr0_
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    The HP pool doesn't matter. They do % dmg. Around 4%. You may have 500k HP, they will still kill you in about 25 hits.
    You have to kill them. Takes 2 hits / each, and sometimes as you saw there, they fall thru map so...less sht to kill.
  • zephyr82zephyr82
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    Getting to the last gate right now is basically asking the RNG to be nice and let you out. If you get the left/right jam more than once, you can have killed all the guards and still get murdered because than one takes so much longer than any of the other QTEs. And think of the poor warriors who take damage just killing the guards.

    Either remove that one QTE from the pool or reduce it one like MSEA. Relying one the RNG to co-operate in order to clear this is not fun.