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Best Place to farm Master Craftsman's Cube

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Video will show you the best place to farm the Master Craftsman's Cube.



  • OApocallipsOApocallips
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    Is this guide still up-to-date with all the patches??? I am trying to cube gear best I can without having to depend on getting NX as the only source.
  • MorningAfterSevenMorningAfterSeven
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    edited October 2019
    Right now I'm only having "luck" in gollux labyrinth, sometimes in on the heliseum-magnus road.
    So far this is my "Farm MCC" way:
    Madman + Normal VL* + Cygnus (Easy or Normal) + hHilla/nHilla + well, all other bosses
    Commerci PQ and Solo (Lith or Rien or Herb)
    Gollux labyrinth (can take up a lot of time)
    Inferno + Pollo/Fritto rewards
    Random rewards

    *Easy and Hard Von Leon don't drop cubes