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Spirit Savior Guide

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Spirit Savior is a solo quest to save spirits, it's the dailiye of Arcana where you get symbols, with 3 minutes it depends on your skill to move and control of your character and class you will be able to get the maximum, beying able to enter 3 times a day you won't always need to enter all 3 unlike other dailiyes quests for arcane symbols.

Here's a map that you can find in google as well, it shows very well the map of the quest/dailiye.

You talk to this NPC in Arcana:

So as sayed before you have to save spirtis in other to get the symbols, in this quest you will get more points the more spirits you save and the more points you get the more symbols you eventually get, in this case points are converted into coins that you use to buy symbols from the NPC, just like Dream Defender.


As seen in the image you can trade 3 coin for 1 symbol, the maximum you can get in one day is 30 coins or get 30k points in there saving spirits, but remember you can't get coins of values that aren't a full thousand, like in this image:


That means you get 10coins at maximum everyday, so if you already got 30coins in 2 runs you don't need to do a third one.

In this quest you will have to break the imprisoned spirits and get them to you, here is how they will usually be when imprisoned:

Remember to use NPC chat once they are free, it says space in the image, but it's npc chat.

You can save up to 5 of them at once, the more you save the more points you will get at once, so you will have to go back at the start, over here in the map:

The more you gather at once the more points you will get:
1= 200 points
2= 500 points
3= 1000 points
4= 1500 points
5= 2500 points

Here's where they spawn, all platforms/ground:


So, you will have 3 minutes and you can also see defense and points, points as sayed gives the coins, and defense will determine if you can still stay in the quest or not:

If you take damage the defense will decrease, there are two types of enemys that can decrease it:

Toxic Spirit: PaXJLjj.png and these Orbs: KpydRRl.png

The orbs take maybe around 5% of your defense and walks randomly around the map, as time progresses more will appear.

Toxic Spirit however is one of the difficults of this quest, he will chase you as you start to free spirits, he grows the more spirits you save even if you don't catch em, if he touches you he will take the spirits you are carrying and part of your defense(the bigger/more spirits free the more he will take, up to 50% if you free 5 spirits):

One thing you can abuse is whenever you free a spirit the Toxic Spirit will stop following you to grown, that way you can gain invencibility and pass through him, it lasts about 2 seconds, it will happen like in the image bellow:

Note: No invencibility works against him so this is the only free chance you will have to stoping him or not taking daming from him.

He will also have the red dot in the map, but since he flyes it's easy to spot him in the minimap:

One thing you can use as reference is whenever the NPC talks when the Toxic Spirit is at max strenght, so you already have 5 saved(normaly):

Here you can see where i gathered some points and lost defense as the time passed because of Orbs and maybe Toxic Spirit as well.

After knowing the dangers and what to do you have to be quick and make a plan so you can get 30k points in all 3 runs or less, this vary a lot by class, so it's not something universal on how you will do, but most classed end up similar since almost all have flash jump.

Note: I need remark how crucial Hook/Rope Lift is important in here to move, so if you are not a Angelic Buster or Kaiser the ideal is to use it when you need to in higher platforms.

In the map you will manly use these trampolines that i marked where they will propel you, the portals circulated in green will spawn in diferent places, not sure how extactly to control them:

Here are the ones you will use the most:

Remember to expand the map in this buttom, that way you can see better the map and do much better routes overall:

An example:

In this map above i made a way where it's most optmized for my class:

Remember only 4 spawn at once, so i still need to see where the 5th will appear to get more points, luckily he appeared close to the checkpoint/save point, so i just finish the way i was already doing:

(notice the spirits closer to the check point are a bit diferent, this image was made before they changed their position)

Overall that's it, the best way to learn after knowing the basics is experience and watching other people do things/paths that you weren't thinking, or just a skill that you weren't using of your class, i will try to post some videos here.

Also, this quest is something that can really push you, you will need to rush more and more where every second you need to be moving if you want to get high value of points, it's not really simple.


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    Well it's purely RNG where the spirits appear. This is a perfect example here:

    Need to remark you should resize Mini Map at every runs so you can see the whole map like I did.

    EDIT: Actually I have finally got 22.5k, first Hero player hitting this score on Friday April 6th, just before saturday reset: