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Green Leaf Hat flattens hair

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edited March 11 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: NX item, appearance

Brief bug summary: Green Leaf Hat flattens hair appearance while Leaf Hat does not.

More details:
I equipped the Green Leaf Hat NX equip cover item believing it would rest on top of my hair, but instead it flattened my hair despite its minimal appearance. In no way does the leaf wrap around my hair like a cap or headband, so there's no reason why it should miminize my hair's appearance. One of my friends owns the Leaf Hat item, which is exactly the same, except it does not flatten the hair. Another friend also owns the Green Leaf Hat, and it flattens the hair like mine.

Steps to reproduce: Equip Green Leaf Hat, then equip Leaf Hat.

Character name: Recalci

Character level: 224

Character job: Angelic Buster

World name: Windia

Date and time of the incident: ~11pm PST on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Last two screenshots courtesy of my alliance friends.


  • LamatoLamato
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    I would also like to see this fixed. Kind of misleading/confusing when two of the same items exist but do not function the same way as expected. I suggest making both versions not flatten or just condense both items into a singular one that does not flatten.

    Thank you!