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Shade Spirit Frenzy STILL glitched

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in Bug Reporting
Bug: Spirit Frenzy does no damage after first proc of fox spirits.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Toggle fox spirits (2nd job skill) on. Note: This bug is still in effect even after upgrading fox spirits.
2. Hold down spirit frenzy (3rd job) OR spirit incarnation (170 hyper)
3. Note how the skill stops damaging mobs after fox spirits procs once.

Nexon, you've had this glitch for over 2 years now. KMS got it fixed, why don't we? It's incredibly disheartening to not even be able to play Shade the way it's supposed to be, especially considering it's the class with the coolest lore and (in my opinion) the coolest-looking skills. Please fix this already! Or at least acknowledge this is a real issue.


  • Darkezs1Darkezs1
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    The work around is to turn off Fox Spirits before using Spirit Frenzy/spirit incarnation, till nexon decide this is a problem and fixes it.