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Cash shop hammer doesn't work on vengeful ring?

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Bug Type: Cash item, functionality, vengeful ring

This post: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/9306/vengeful-ring-golden-hammer says that only a cash shop hammer will work on the vengeful ring, so I bought one. Instead of a Vicious Hammer, it gave me a 100% hammer that was tradeable - and it doesn't work on the vengeful ring. As far as I've found, there's no other way to use a hammer on it, even though the ring says 'hammers applied' on it - I assume that would mean we should be able to, no? Is there some hammer that does work?

Steps to reproduce: buy a hammer from the cash shop and try to use it on the vengeful ring.

Character name: Teieria

Character level: 209

Character job: Luminous

World name: Kradia

Date and time of the incident: Apr 12, 2018 ~2am EST


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    That post is from December 2016. Things have changed since. As you observed, Cash Shop hammer coupon now gives Golden Hammers too, and they don't work on Vengeful Rings.
    The only way to still obtain Vicious' Hammers, as far as I'm aware, is Marvel Machine.

    I will forward this issue.