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I'm a noob looking for friends

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Hey guys, me and my gf have just started playing and was just looking for people who can be friends and talk whilst playing. Doesn't have to be grinding together always just chilling and helping out. Thanks , my IGN for my first and only char is RexxusTwitch and will be placed in Luna due to latency


  • CatoooloooCatooolooo
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    can you name the server you are in? it would help people know where you are to know if they can hang out with you.
  • RexxusRexxus
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    Thank you, I have fixed that
  • XavianaXaviana
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    Looking for some friends aswell , same server
    My name is Xaviana

    Played years ago so lost all of my friends from that time
  • zoutzakjezoutzakje
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    Feel free to add me as well. My IGN is zoutzak.
    I'm certainly no maplestory expert, but i can definitely try to help if you have any questions or want some boss carries.