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Gameplay Bug with the skill Mirror Image

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Bug type:
Causes the character to be stuck once the buff mirror image ends

Brief bug summary:
The dual blade buff mirror image is bugged in a weird way. If the buff times out during an attack animation, the attack animation will play twice, however the second time will not have any visual effects beyond the character moving, and it will not do any damage. This bug has been in the game since the skill released, when dual blade came out. So as an example, If I were to cast the skill Phantom Blow, and mirror image ended during that cast, my character would move as if i were using phantom blow again, but the red and black blade effects would not appear, and i would do no damage. While this is a small bug, getting stuck in place for a second or two because of this bug has gotten me killed in bosses many times. As far as i know, this bug does not exist on the Korean servers.

Character name: Múkuro

Character level: 248

Character job: Dual Blade

World name: Bellocan (MYBCKN)

Date and time of the incident: Approximately every 4 minutes


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