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Auto-pot doesn't trigger someti for multi-line att

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Real Title: Auto-potion do not trigger when the 2nd+ line of damage in a enemy multi-line attack lower your HP past the auto heal threshold.

Bug type: Game play bug

Brief bug summary:
The game only check the first line of damage when deciding when to use a potion to heal, it does not consider the total damage of all the lines when deciding whether to use a potion.
For example, if max HP is 10000, auto-potion is set to 50% (use potion if attack lower HP below 5000)
If a monster deal 6000 damage in one line, auto-potion will activate.
If a monster deal 3000 damage per line with 3 lines of damage, auto-potion will not activate (because the game only check the first line of damage and the result is 7000 HP) and you are left with 1000 HP, which mean the next attack will kill you because auto-potion did not activate.

Video summery
69268 HP, auto-potion threshold 80% (heal at less than 55414 HP) (power elixir)
0:55, 1:09, Auto-Potion does not activate when hit by the claw attack at 69268 HP (69268 - 13853 = 55415 HP, higher than auto-potion threshold), HP after the attack is now 41562

Auto-potion threshold 90% (heal at less than 62341 HP)
1:21, Auto-Potion activate when hit by the claw attack at 69268 HP (69268 - 13853 = 55415 HP, lower than auto-potion threshold), remaining HP is now 69268

Character name: Rexaar2
Character level: 234
Character job: Hero
World name: Scania


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    Thank you for the detailed report and video.
    I have forwarded this issue.