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Stuck in the "Dramatic escape" quest;Roborider

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Hi GMs...i am stuck in the "Dramatic escape" quest; The Roborider part where you have to get a key to get out does not work. Did this quest a few times..Twice it fired for a short time, got a key but the door did not let me out...the other times the Roborider just would not fire. Apparently this is a glitch...I lodged a ticket and was told it will hopefully be fixed in the next patch. Please help.


  • KalinSanaoKalinSanao
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    I went into this quest line today with my Pink Bean LTC and am now stuck...this shouldn't be an "in the next patch fix." This needs to go into a unscheduled patch. Cause this could very well kill some of my chances to get farther with Pink Bean. Every time I try to fire roboriders weapon it gives me the notification in chat of "Unavailable while in transformation."