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Can't give gold leaves to the Growing Gold tree

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I haven't seen this reported anywhere yet. For some reason, with 12 Golden Leaves in my Use inventory, when I clicked on the tree and tried to give it my leaves, I got the message, "Not enough golden leaves." I was at a loss and tried double-clicking the Golden Leaves. The count went down, an announcement message said something like "1x Golden Leaf gained" (like it does when you double-click the plants in your Use inventory), but I didn't gain any other items. I just lost leaves.

So basically there are two bugs here. 1) I can't give leaves to the tree. 2) Double-clicking leaves makes you lose them.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    There a limit of how many golden leaves you can give (and get) per day.
    You technically don't have any golden leaves until you double click them in your USE inventory to add them to your count (no inventory slot needed, the game will keep track of how many golden leaves you have).