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(^ᴥ^) Sleepy Guild and Community ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾

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What’s going on everyone! I’m Leek and I’m here to inform you all that Sleepy is ready to begin a new adventure that awaits everyone in the upcoming MapleStory 2!

I. So, what's up with Sleepy?

Sleepy was originally made in 2017 on the Reboot server in MapleStory 1. It became one of the top 100 guilds which was one of our biggest achievements. We hope and strive to become one of the top guilds in MapleStory 2. Furthermore, we also have two discords, one for the Sleepy Community and one for our official Guild!

II. Uuuugh, oh my gerd!!! Are there any applications that I have to fill out to join?!

Absolutely NOT!!!!! We at Sleepy are a PG-13 based community and guild. Anyone can join sleepy, people that believe in wearing only pajamas, people who identify themselves as food, animals, you name it! Anyone can join!

III. Do you guys support any time zones in particular?

We at Sleepy work closely with the NA time zones. We’re always willing to accommodate likewise!

IV. Do you guys play just for social life, fun, or anything?

Bruh, we play for EVERYTHING!!!!! We want to be able to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and to do just about everything the maple way ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°). This also includes nx too, so don’t worry!

V. What the fruit cup? Aye, hold up! Did you say, nx!?!?

Mmhm..thats right, Sleepy will also host nx give away events because we know people like to have nx right, especially when its FREE, I mean come on? Who doesn’t like nx that’s free? That’s practically giving away money fam!

VI. Naw man, I still gotta grill you on something now. Are you guys gonna be pvp, pve, or just henehoes?

Aye, when I said we are going to be exploring everything on MapleStory 2, I meant what I said ...we're doing it ALL! Sleepy will be diving headfirst into PVE, PVP, Dungeons, EVERYTHING!

VII. Aight, so lemme ask you this, how active do you want peeps to be in the guild or community?

We at Sleepy understand that there are loads of you guys who are currently in school and working fulltime alongside raising families. We won’t grill you guys to be active 24/7, but we do ask that you do check in at least 3-4 days out of the week, heck even 30 minutes is cool enough too!

VIII. Aye fam, I didn’t read a single thing you typed above, you got a TL;DR?

Don’t worry fam, I got’chu!
What Sleepy is looking for in possible guild members?
• Members that live to have fun and create bonds with others.
• To respect others and themselves, we can’t stress this enough.
• That love NX, because we sure do XD.
• Members that can spare as little as 30 minutes for at least 3-4 days of the week to play and enjoy MapleStory 2.
• Members that can play within the NA timezone and members that do not mind us making accommodations for their times too.
• Members that enjoy nx giveaway events!

Once again, thanks for coming by and for any and all the support you guys give. We wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you guys helping to pick us up when we first got started with the Maple 2 discords in the first place. Much love and many thanks as always!

Our Community Server Link ----> https://discord.gg/c8Jx6mU
Hope to see you guys soon!
Contact us if you are interested!
Maple forums: LeekTheV3getable and Heals
Discord: Leek's a Vegetable#5196 and Heals#1250


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    Hello, My name is heals and Own this guilld, Sleepy! [Server: Reboot/Bera]

    We quit for a long time but now we're coming back!

    We have everything you're looking but members xD (and carries for now)

    Join our discord server or PM me so we can show you what Sleepy is all about
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    Happy National Brother's Day
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    The link is invalid for your discord. But what server is your guild for?
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    Happy I love my Dentist day!
  • NinjaTonyNinjaTony
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    The link is invalid for your discord. But what server is your guild for?

    Our guild is for all types of games. MS1, MS2, Bless, League, and many more!
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    So while we wait up for MS2, are you still active in MS1 for reboot? I'm looking around for a guild there and yours sounds like a fun one to be in and matches what I want.