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Chroma Bean dye coupon Issue

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The dye coupon in the 13,5 k nx chroma bean pack does not work accordingly as moving the slides will not change chroma beans appearance in the preview window.


  • EtzuEtzu
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    Same problem. When you click to left or right on the colour change it stays pink and there is no indication to tell what colour it would become.
  • WZrkWZrk
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    In addition to this, if you do decide to gamble on the color, it won't remain applied at all times. For example, when training at FES2, my bean was blue. When I used a teleport rock to Henesys, it returned to being pink.
  • scholar624scholar624
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    Thank you for the reports everyone, I'm getting them forwarded to QA.

    Just out of curiosity, could you list your comp specs you are running Maple on?
    Are you able to provide any screenshots?

    The coupon does mention if your playing on minimum specs, dyeing your chroma bean might not work. For those playing on a mechanic, you might have also had a similar problem trying to change your humanoid mech's colors.
  • ShakaAlekShakaAlek
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    About the color turning back to pink at certain times, i think it's a visual bug for the owner of the pet. A friend of mine had this issue, and kept saying his beans were pink, but i could see them of the correct colors he had chosen.