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Legion Dragon Damage Scoreboard Glitch

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Bug type: Graphics

Brief bug summary: After entering the Legion Dragon area and defeating the Legion Dragon, the damage scoreboard remained at the top of my screen - though the numbers showing the damage did not. I tried changing channels and locations, but the scoreboard stayed put.

More details: I saved a video of the glitch, available at :

Character name: Mihero

Character level: 200

Character job: Zero

World name: Broa

Date and time of the incident: 7/13/19, 4:31 PM Eastern


  • MiraMira
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    This has been happening more frequently to me as well. The last two times I went into the legion raid, I came out with the UI glitched onto the screen. =(
  • DiamondSkyyDiamondSkyy
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    This is happening to me as well.