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Screwed over on Ark Share Rewards

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Don't care about compensation, just sharing.

So I had issues with the share event, couldn't get the reward page to track my progress at all. I did all the normal steps that were provided to me, nothing worked. I didn't have issues with the previous cad/illium share event. So I made a ticket a few days into the event. I got the burning coupon without getting credit on the website, made a ticket about how i have that and it wasn't showing any progress, shared a pic of my twitter with each of the pages I shared. A GM manually went onto my account and gives me credit for the 2nd share event, and resets my pw in the process to my nexon account. This threw me off for a while, as there was no heads up that my account password would be reset, it jsut felt really odd. I kept at my ticket trying to get answers, but i just had to wait well until the event share period was over to hear, "sorry we can't do anything" I figured maybe since i took pictures of me sharing the pages, i at least had some form of proof, especially since a GM already went on my account previously and added the 2nd reward to it.

But sadly the event ended and there is nothing anyone can do now. The thing that gets me most about this is I am more irritated at myself for event attempting to get credit for this event. I should know better at this point.


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    This micro site was super broken indeed. PLEASE NEXON, don't do these "social media sharing" events EVER. (it's cringe as well)