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Can't loggin to my Maplestory account

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I played for years! and now when I'm trying to login my account it says the email is not used, but when I'm trying to register an account with the email it says the email is already being used. I'm 100% sure I got hacked.
There is an account named [redacted] on Bera there. I want to come back to MapleStory after a few years of not playing and it sucks I got hacked and can't logg in :(
How can I recover my acc?
The email is [redacted]
Can you please send me a link to recover the acc to there? u can check that it is indeed the original email of the account as well...

Thank you!!


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    Please create a Customer Support ticket at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net
    If you can't log in to the website on that account, you can make a new account to make the ticket with. Just write in the ticket that you're trying to recover another account.

    Please do not post your account email or other identifying information in public.