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Unable to Purchase NX

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What the title says. I'm not getting an error code or anything, it just refuses to load past the payment selection. No matter what option I select, I just get an endless loading circle. I leave it for five, ten minutes, and it does nothing. Just sits there as if it's loading when it's clearly not. I'd like to be able to purchase some NX, but the website simply will not allow me to.

I have tried both Firefox and Chrome and both browsers give me the exact same result. Endless loading screen.

EDIT: Was finally able to get past the loading screen using Microsoft Edge. Little ridiculous that I had to try three different browsers to make it work..


  • SpectaruSpectaru
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    What did you do to get past the loading screen using Microsoft Edge?
    I am having the same problem and for a short second I see a white box using Microsoft Edge.
  • KaylChipsKaylChips
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    I Currently having this problem, I tried both google chrome and microsoft edge and still cannot get passed the loading circle.
  • TheePieManTheePieMan
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    Try disabling all ad blocking add-ons. I know this is an old post but I did and it got me past stuff.