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V Matrix Untranslated Text

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edited July 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Text

Brief bug summary: The text is untranslated when you click on the question mark in the V Matrix window.

More details:

Once you have clicked on the question mark in the V Matrix window it opens up a chatbox with the NPC Archelle, but all of the text is untranslated, however if you click on one of the untranslated blue text things, the text in the next window will be translated. Also with the first blue text thing, when it opens up to the next window and has the option for "Let's talk about something else" and once you click it, it just refreshes the window you're already in, to go back to the untranslated text, you have to click on "V Matrix slot enhancement".


Character name: Termas

Character level: 204

Character job: Aran

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: CEST 1:07 PM 7/11/2018