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Dream Defender ranking issues

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There are a couple of related issues, I'll try to keep it coherent.

Bug type: Visual/Database

Brief bug summary: Dream Defender weekly and current rankings are not displaying the correct characters, it displays a different character on your account than the one you completed Dream Defender with. It also displays the Auto Complete results on the rankings(?), and not by highest floor cleared, making it inaccurate.
There is also the issue of the character NPC sprites becoming "scrambled" or randomized 30 minutes after Dream Defender weekly ranks have been counted, but I believe that has been reported already.


STREETARK for example, isn't even level 220 yet and thus can't even enter Dream Defender, neither is Qrow and xKyo. When I did it my level 201 Kanna shows up on the DD ranks instead of my main character.

Steps to reproduce:

Look at the Dream Defender ranks of any world and compare to player rankings

Character name: all

Character level: all

Character job: all

World name: all

Date and time of the incident: I'm assuming since the Auto Completion was implemented. Latest observed at 12PM PST 7/12