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Maplestory FPS is very high when started

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edited July 2018 in Bug Reporting
Brief bug summary:
Maplestory Frame Per Second is abnormally high (up to 850 FPS) during the Nexon/Wizet loading logo, and up to 300 FPS during the server/character select screen.
When actually in-game, FPS is properly capped at 60 until the program is completely closed.

Not sure if the steam FPS counter is inaccurate or MapleStory is actually at that high FPS (not sure if being at that high FPS affect loading performance, but if it does, do fix it, otherwise ignore this bug)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have the in-game FPS counter enabled in steam setting
2. Start up MapleStory

Character name: Rexaar2
Character level: 235
Character job: Hero
World name: Scania