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Suggestions to improve farming mesos on Reboot.

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So after the KMS maps nerf, farming mesos is harder and more ridiculous than ever( we all know its not how its suppossed to be played).
So here are some features that could make farming mesos easier while you are playing your main character, and not a mule like it is right now.
1-Increase the amount of monsters that spawn in the map, or increase the speed of respawn of the monsters.
2-Increase the mesos monsters drop( i know it was already increased, but such increase is way too small to be able to farm mesos as you level up on your main character).
3-Give a beginner skill that as you get to a higuer level, the mesos that you get from monsters is greatly increased, so that as you are higuer level and you need more money to cube your items and get stronguer, you can get a good amount of mesos while training, farming nodes, symbols, droplets, etc.
4-Increase the price of spell traces when selling them to the shop AND the drop rate of spell traces.
5-Increase the amount of mesos given by bosses, ive recently done like nearly every boss available for me( except damien lotus and the ones above, i cant solo them yet) and the amount of mesos gained from them is way too low, it takes some time to kill all of them and the rewards arent good, like 40-50m isnt enough to progress at a good pace, just a red cube is worth 11m and a black cube is 22m, with daily bosses u can barelly buy 6 red cubes, this makes progression way too slow, specially when you reached a certain range and u need to cube your items for 21%+ stat and your weapon for 2 lines of %ATT and %BOSS( not to mention xenons, that need %ALL STAT, and to get 21%all stat you need a lot more cubes, which means a lot more mesos).
6-Make it so that theres no limit to the meso drop rate % on accesories( right now you can get a max of 100% meso drop from accesories+20%from inner ability+3-4% for the phantom legion skill,currently, getting more accesories with meso drop% passed 100% gives no effect at all, its like u only had 100%).
If any mapler comes up with more ideas feel free to mention them in the comments.
EDIT:7-Make a decent kishin node.
Im looking forward to the introduction of new features to reboot to improve meso farming and progression.