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Common Equips (Drop List)

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This list goes along with my "Non-Leech Beginner" guide. I originally had it included, but due to character overload, I had to post it up separately.
This list is probably one of the most time-consuming things I've ever had to build from scratch. It includes Beginner-friendly equipment from towns, some quests and events, and mostly monster drops.

Neville is an NPC who sells Secondary weapons in most towns. All Beginner's can benefit from the Cygnus Knight variety.
Maple Island has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0 equipment.
Lith Harbor has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0-21 equipment.
Henesys has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 5-26 equipment.
Ellinia weapon merchant sells a level 8 Wand.
Perion has a weapon merchant who sells level 10-20 weapons.
Kerning City has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 10-25 equipment.
Nautilus has a weapon merchant that sells level 10-15 weapons.
Showa has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0-30 equipment.
Ninja Castle has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0-70 equipment.

Dalair at level 30: Quest Specialist(Medal).
Fritto Bounty quests: Fritto's Friend(Medal), Pollo's Friend(Medal).
Golden Beach quest line: Octopus Earrings, Gold Beach Members(Medal).
Rienne Strait quest line: Sailor's Mask, Sailor Belt, Deckhand(Medal).
Easy Zakum: Zakum Helmet/Branch.
Hidden Potential and Bonus Stats tutorial level 60: Curbrock's Shoulder/Ring.
Mushroom Kingdom quest line: Princess Violetta Cape/Pendant.
Mr. Wetbottom's quest line in Sleepywood (NOTE: CAN'T BE DONE WITH JOBLESS): if done by male = Blue Sauna Robe, if done by female = Red Sauna Robe.
Balrog Party Quest: Balrog's Leather Shoes, Balrog's Fur Shoes, Balrog Mount(Untradeable/Expires).
Alcaster: Cape of Warmness.
Hughes's quest line in Orbis Tower: Oxygen Tank.
Kenta's collection quests: Kenta's Fish Spear.
Afterlands quest line: Beodog Figurine, Billy Figurine, Adler Figurine, Mensa Figurine.
Ariant quest line: Ariant Culture Expert(Medal).
Keeny's quest line in Magatia: Strong Machine Gloves.
Alcadno/Zenumist Entrance Exams: Alcadno's Cape, Zenumist's Cape.
Magatia quest line: Magatia's Alchemist(Medal).
Normal Zakum: Zakum Helmet, Condenced Power Crystal, Aquatic Letter Eye, Zakum Branch.
Elin Forest quest line: Ephinia's Ring.
Ludirium quest line: Ludibrium Sheriff(Medal).
Silent Crusade quest line: Rings/Titles/Medals. Coin shop sells Belt/Pendant/Shoulder and a 115 set which includes Eye Accessory/Face Accessory/Belt/Pendant/Earrings.
New Leaf City quest line: Eye Accessory/Face Accessory/Earrings/Shoulder/Ring/Belt, Silver Deputy Star, Warrior Throne.
New Leaf City Repeatable quest - Catch a Bigfoot by the Toe 2(resets 24 hours after completion): Chance to receive 60% Scrolls for Shield ATK and M.ATK.
Masteria Under Attack - Galacto-Drill Boss: 1st/2nd/3rd/Last Unwelcome Guest Dagger (STR).
Monster Park: Spiegelmann's Mustache.
Blackgate quest line: Blackgate Face Accessory/Shoulder/Belt/Pendant/Ring/Hat/Overall/Glove/Shoe/Cape.
Papulatus quest line: Ludibrium Cape.
Horntail: Dea Sidus Earrings, Horntail Necklace, Silver Blossom Ring.
Dragon Rider Party Quest: Sirius Cape.
Dimensional Party Quest: Dimension Gloves/High Quality Dimension Gloves.
Shanghai: Hat/Overall, Mount.
Sengoku quest line: Ring/Belt/Shoulder.
Stone Collosus quest line: Haflinger Expedition Badge, Kupo Rider Permanent Mount Coupon.
Commerci quest line: Commerci Hat/Overall/Glove/Shoe/Cape/Shoulder/Belt.
Commerci Party Quest: Sweetwater Hat/Overall/Glove/Boot/Cape. Coin shop has Eye Accessory/Face Accessory/Belt/Earring/Pendant/Shoulder.
Gollux quest line: Cracked/Solid/Reinforced/Superior Pendant/Belt/Earring/Ring.
Mu Lung Dojo: Hero's Gloves, Mu Gong's Gloves, So Gong's Gloves.
Chaos Zakum: Enraged Zakum Helmet/Belt/Cape
Chaos Horntail: Dea Sidus Earrings, Chaos Horntail Necklace, Silver Blossom Ring.
Chaos Pink Bean: Chaos Pink Bean Hat/Suit, Chaos Black Bean Hat/Suit.
Chaos Root Abyss: Chaos Queen's Tiara, Chaos Vellum's Helm, Chaos Von Bon Helmet, Chaos Pierre Hat, Queen's Tiara, Vellum's Helm, Von Bon Helmet, Pierre Hat.
Tower of Oz: Ring of Restraint, Ultimatum Ring, Limit Ring, Health Cut Ring, Mana Cut Ring, Durability Ring, Critical Damage Ring, Critical Defense Ring, Critical Shift Ring, Stance Shift Ring, Totalling Ring, Level Jump S Ring, Weapon Jump S Ring, Swift Ring, Overdrive Ring, Reflective Ring, Cleansing Ring, Risk Taker Ring, Crisis HM Ring.
Princess No boss: Princess No Brilliance.
Alien Party Quest: VIP Belt/Earrings/Necklace/Ring/Dagger (STR). Coin shop sells Alien Fragment Hat/Ring/Necklace/Earrings/Belt.
Exchange Quests

Adonis and the Stone Denari: Moon Star Chair, Pumpkin Spear, Bow-Tie (Blue), Bow-Tie (Pink).

Joko's Badge Redemption: (Give ~10 Windraider/Stormbreaker/Firebrand/Nightshadow Badges and ~25 Crimson Hearts) Maple Earrings(3), Crimson Arcglaive. (Give ~2 Crimson Hearts) Raven Ninja Bandana, Cloak of Corruption, El Nathian Cape, Miner's Hat. (Give ~1 Nightshadow/Windraider Badges) Stirge-on-a-stick, Stirgeman Cape, Stirgeman Pants, Stirgeman Skirt.

Showa Town: Purple Bandana, Pink Bandana, Brown Work Gloves, Grey Work Gloves, Brown Adventurer Cape, Yellow Adventurer Cape.

Valentines Event: Yellow/Red/White/Blue Valentine Rose.
Maple Event: Maple Sword, Maple Soul Singer, Maple Shield.
Super Summer Event: Sky Blue/Black/Green/Red/Purple Surfboard.
Halloween Event: Talking Witch Hat, Broomstick.
Burning Character Event: Frozen Hat/Overall/Cape/subweapon(only as Noblesse), Pet Snail. Fun Fact: the pet Snail you get only expires if it's in use. You can prolong its life if you put it away when you're not using it for looting.
Philosopher Book: Breath of Divinty.
Monster Drops

Lith Harbor

Blue Snail: Red Bandana.
Red Snail: Brown Skullcap, Blue Bandana.
Shroom: Black/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown Skullcap, Black/Blue Swimming Cap, Stolen Fence.
Mano: Brown Skullcap, Red Swimming Cap, Red Bandana, Ice Jeans.


Orange Mushroom: Black/Blue Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Red Swimming Cap, White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Pan Lid.
Cynical Orange Mushroom: White Gomushin.
Green Mushroom: Green/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Yellow/White Bandana, Jean Capris(Male).
Horny Mushroom: Stolen Fence.
Mushmom: Yellow Square, Crystal Flower Earrings.
Blue Mushroom: Blue/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Blue Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red Bandana, Old Wisconsin, Orange Sporty T-Shirt, Weighted Earrings, Work Gloves, Stolen Fence, Pan Lid.
Crying Blue Mushroom: Weighted Earrings.
Blue Mushmom: Black/Red Baseball Cap.
Stone Golem: Black Bandana, Metal Gear, Yellow Baseball Cap.
Dark Stone Golem: Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Jean Capris(Male), Black Magic Cape, Pan Lid, Long Sword, Hand Axe, Fruit Knife.
Mixed Golem: Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Red Swimming Cap, Blue/Red/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Jean Capris(Male), Pan Lid, Aluminum Baseball Bat.


Slime: Black/Green Headband, Green Skullcap, Blue Swimming Cap, Red/Yellow Bandana, Orange Sporty T-Shirt(Male).
Fairy: Green Skullcap, Red/Yellow Bandana, Fish Spear.
Evil Eye: Cat's Eye, Brown Aroa Boots, Lollipop, Frying Pan.
Curse Eye: Lollipop.
Cold Eye: Yellow Starry Bandana.


Jr. Boogie: Blue Swimming Cap, Work Gloves.
Dark Stump: Black Headband, Smelly Gomushin, Fish Spear.
Axe Stump: Black Baseball Cap, Green Aroa Boots, Wooden Baseball Bat, Lollipop, Frying Pan.
Ghost Stump: Fish Spear.
Smirking Ghost Stump: Red Baseball Cap.
Stumpy: Red Starry Bandana, Red Whitebottom Boots, Frying Pan.
Wild Boar: Sapphire Earrings.
Terrified Wild Boar: Sapphire Earrings.
Iron Boar: Emerald Earrings, Lightning Earrings, Pansy Earrings, Red Ankle-Strap Sandals.
Wooden Mask: Warfare Pants, Pink Whitebottom Boots.
Lord Skeleton: Korean Fan.

Kerning City

Stirge: Sandblasted Jeans.
Jr. Wraith: Yellow Metal Gear.
Wraith: Brown Baseball Cap, Cat's Eye, Red Whip.
Shade: Ice Jeans, Fish Spear.
Jr. Necki: Metal Gear.
Ligator: Orange Whitebottom Boots.
Croco: Metal Gear, Star Earrings, Red Cross Earrings, Brown Ankle-Strap Sandals, Hard Briefcase.
Dyle: Ribboned Pig Headband, Red Whitebottom Boots.
Muddy Swamp Monster: Sky Blue Starry Bandana, Ribboned Pig Headband, Star Earrings, Blue Whitebottom Boots.
King Slime: Squishy Shoes.


Pig: Green/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red/Yellow Bandana, Jean Capris(Male).
Ribbon Pig: Blue Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Red Bandana, Jean Capris(Male), Wooden Wand.
Blue Ribbon Pig: Blue Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap.


Zombie Mushroom: Blue Baseball Cap.
Annoyed Zombie Mushroom: Yellow Baseball Cap.
Zombie Mushmom: Leather Purse, Lollipop, Black Gaia Cape, Pink-Flowered Earrings.
Fire Drake: Red Gaia Cape.
Wild Kargo: Red Magic Cape, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Tauromacis: Blue Seraph Cape, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Taurospear: Red Seraph Cape.


Muru: Grey T-Shirt, Jean Capris(Male).
Murupa: Leather Sandals, Red-Striped T-Shirt.
Murupia: Black/Blue/Red Headband, Blue Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red Bandana, Blue One-Lined T-Shirt.
Murumuru: Blue/Green/Red Headband, Red Skullcap, Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Yellow Bandana.
Murukun: Stolen Fence.


Tino: White Bandana, Wooden Wand.
Tiru: Stolen Fence.
Tiguru: White Bandana.


Potted Sprout: Blue/White Bandana, Razor.
Potted Morning Glory: Green Skullcap, Red-Striped T-Shirt, Work Gloves.
Grape Juice Bottle: Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Red Swiming Cap, Black/Blue/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Black Gomushin, Pan Lid, Hardwood Wand.
Patrol Robot: Black/Green/Red Headband, Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Yellow Bandana, Jean Capris(Male).
Strange Sign: Green/Yellow Headband, Fruit Knife.
Serpent: Green/Yellow Headband, Blue Swimming Cap, Red/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Ice Jeans, Stolen Fence.
Water Thief Monster: Single Earring.
Dust Box: Blue Bamboo Hat.
Patrol Robot S: Red Whitebottom Boots.
Baby Boulder Muncher: Red Sneakers.
Big Boulder Muncher: Work Gloves.


Sleepy Grobbler: Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Green Skullcap, Black/Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Jean Capris(Male), Stolen Fence, Pan Lid, Long Sword, Hand Axe, Double Axe, Frying Pan, Lollipop, Fish Spear, Wooden Wand, Fruit Knife.
Alert Grobbler: Fish Spear.
Amethyst Tokka: Plunger.
Laloong: Fish Spear.
Nefarious Monk Master: Aluminum Baseball Bat.

Fox Ridge

Caterpillar: Black Headband, Red/Yellow Bandana.
Lady Bug: Black/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Green Skullcap, Black Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red/White/Yellow Bandana, Jean Capris(Male), Work Gloves, Stolen Fence, Pan Lid, Long Sword, Wooden Wand, Razor.
Balloon Mouse: Wooden Wand.
Fang Hyena: Fish Spear.


Jr. Cellion: Cat's Eye, Work Gloves, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Cellion: Red-Hearted Earrings, Blazing Sword(1H Axe).
Jr. Lioner: Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Jr. Grupin: Blue Moon, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Grupin: Blue Moon, Crystal Flower Earrings.
Lunar Pixie: Blazing Sword(1H Axe).
Dark Nependeath: Red Whip.

El Nath

Fire Sentinel: Korean Fan.
Leatty: Sapphire Earrings.
Dark Jr. Yeti: Holy Cross Earrings, Blue Magic Cape.
Pepe: Black Gaia Cape.
Dark Pepe: Black Magic Cape, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Hector: Green Adventurer Cape, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
White Fang: Pink-Flowered Earrings, Blue Gaia Cape, Burning Marshmellow.
Transformed Yeti: White Gaia Cape.
Yeti: Crystal Flower Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, Red Gaia Cape.
Transformed Dark Yeti: Half Earrings.
Dark Yeti: Metal Silver Earrings.
Separated Pepe: Sapphire Earrings, White Gaia Cape, Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
Separated Dark Pepe: Blazing Sword (1H Sword).
Snowman: Rose Earrings.
Lycanthrope: Strawberry Earrings, White Seraph Cape.
Coolie Zombie: Crystal Flower Earrings, Red Magic Cape.
Miner Zombie: Pansy Earrings, White Magic Cape.
Cerebes: Pink-Flowered Earrings, Metal Heart Earrings.
Bain: Rose Earrings.

Aqua Road

Seacle: Burning Marshmellow.
Freezer: Skull Earrings.
Seruf: Frozen Tuna.
Squid: Gold Drop Earrings, Green Seraph Cape.
Risell Squid: Rose Earrings.
Goby: Purple Giles Cape, Black Giles Cape.
Bone Fish: Rose Earrings, Black Seraph Cape.
Shark: Rose Earrings.
Cold Shark: Strawberry Earrings.


Ratz: Burning Marshmellow.
Drumming Bunny: Red Whip.
King Bloctopus: Blue Moon.
Planey: Pansy Earrings.
Block Golem: Pansy Earrings.
King Block Golem: Red Whip.
Brown Teddy: Yellow Umbrella.
Toy Trojan: Sapphire Earrings.
Tick: Pansy Earrings.
Tick-Tock: Pansy Earrings.
Timer: Heart Staff.
Soul Teddy: Pink-Flowered Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, White Magic Cape.
Buffy: Skull Earrings, Blue Magic Cape.
Lazy Buffy: Metal Silver Earrings, Black Gaia Cape.
Klock: Metal Silver Earrings, Half Earrings.
Deep Buffoon: Half Earrings.
Death Teddy: Black Seraph Cape.
Dual Ghost Pirate: Metal Heart Earrings.
Gatekeeper: Strawberry Earrings.
Thanatos: Rose Earrings, Green Giles Cape.

Korean Folk Town

Moon Bunny: Blue Moon, Blue Napoleon.
Samiho: Holy Cross Earrings.
Morphed Blin: Black Magic Cape.
Blue King Goblin: Half Earrings.
Green King Goblin: Crystal Flower Earrings, Half Earrings.
Yellow King Goblin: Blue Gaia Cape.

Mu Lung

Red Porky: Pansy Earrings.
Blue Flower Serpent: Cat's Eye, Blue Napoleon.
Grizzly: Holy Cross Earrings.
Panda: Holy Cross Earrings, Blue Magic Cape.
Peach Monkey: Blue Moon, White Magic Cape.
Sage Cat: Pink-Flowered Earrings.

Herb Town

Ginseng Jar: White Napoleon, Red Whip.
Bellflower Root: Crystal Flower Earrings.
Giant Centipede: Red-Hearted Earrings.
Kru: Metal Silver Earrings.
Captain: Gold Drop Earrings, White Gaia Cape.


Deo: Red-Hearted Earrings, Flaming Katana.
Desert Giant: Green Adventurer Cape.


Triple Rumo: Pansy Earrings.
Homun: Crystal Flower Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, Red Gaia Cape.
Homunculus: Green Giles Cape.
Homunscullo: Green Giles Cape.
Iron Mutae: Skull Earrings.
Saitie: Metal Silver Earrings.


Rash: Gold Half Earrings, White Gaia Cape.
Dark Rash: Blue Seraph Cape.
Hankie: Half Earrings, White Seraph Cape.
Harp: Green Giles Cape.
Blood Harp: Half Earrings, Black Seraph Cape.
Dual Birk: Strawberry Earrings.
Blue Kentaurus: Purple Giles Cape.
Red Kentaurus: Half Earrings.
Black Kentaurus: Strawberry Earrings.
Nest Golem: Strawberry Earrings.
Skelegon: Rose Earrings.

Temple of Time

Eye of Time: Red Seraph Cape.
Qualm Monk Trainee: Strawberry Earrings.

Twilight Perion
Sinister Rocky Mask: Shaman Earrings.

Mushroom Shrine

Cloud Fox: Cat's Eye, Sky Blue Umbrella.
Dreamy Ghost: White Justice Cape.
Black Crow: Black Emerald Earrings.
Blue Akamanto: Work Gloves.
Red Akamanto: Double Axe.

Ninja Castle

Kaede Genin: Sky Blue Starry Bandana, Pan Lid, Red Flowery Tube.
Kaede Ashigaru: Bow-Tie (Green).
Kaede Chunin: Dark Snowboard, Thermometer.
Kaede Kunoichi: Bow-Tie (Pink).
Kaede Jonin: Black Tube.
Kaede Ninto: Japanese Map.
Kaachuu Musha: Blue Giles Cape, Aluminum Bat, Bow-Tie (Black).

Showa Town

Extra C: Hula Hoop.
Extra D : Guan Yu Polearm.
Leader A: Black Paint Brush.
Male Boss A: Black Umbrella, Japanese Map.
Female Boss: Strawberry Earrings, Yellow Snowshoes.
The Boss: Black/Blue/Red/White Magic Cape, Gold Emerald Earrings, Violet Snowshoes.

New Leaf City

Killa Bee: Black/Blue/Green/Purple/Red Giles Cape.
Wolf Spider: Violet Snowshoes.
Fire Tusk: Eclipse Earrings.
I.AM.ROBOT: Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II.
Gryphon: Yellow Umbrella.
Leprechaun: Green Bandana, Japanese Map, Purple Giles Cape.
Elder Wraith: Black Giles Cape, Blue Musketeer Cape.
Firebrand(1): Red-Hearted Earrings.
Firebrand(2): Fallen Leaf Earrings, Flamekeeper Cordon, Red Justice Cape.
Crimson Guardian: Red Giles Cape, Turquoise Musketeer Cape.
Headless Horseman: Blue Musketeer Cape.
Bigfoot: Blue Musketeer Cape.


Slimy: Sapphire Earrings.
Mr. Anchor: Metal Silver Earrings.


Emo Slime: Pansy Earrings, White Napoleon.
Oly Oly: Skull Earrings.
Charmer: Sapphire Earrings.
Scaredy Scarlion: Cat's Eye, White Magic Cape.
Jester Scarlion: Blue Sneakers, Red Justice Cape.
Yabber Doo: Half Earrings.
Booper Scarlion: White Seraph Cape.
Vikerola: Black Giles Cape.
Item Crafting

New Leaf City

Antellion Miter
Infinity Circlet
Crystal Leaf Earrings
Dark Shards
Sirius Cloak
Zeta Cape
Stormcaster Gloves
Black Phoenix Shield
Shroud of Zakum
Wrath of El Nath
Hard Hat


Work Gloves

Accessory Crafting

Level 40-130 Belts, Level 40-130 Earrings, Level 80-130 Face Accessories, Level 40-130 Rings, Level 100-140 Pendants.
Raising an Orange Imp

Swift Stirge Whip
Swift Warrior Rose
Frantic Stirge Whip
Frantic Warrior Rose
Enraged Stirge Whip
Enraged Warrior Rose
Honourable Mentions
M-Forcer Helmet/Suit, Red Shower, Stone Shield, Palette Shield, Pink Adventurer Cape, Purple Adventurer Cape, Pink Gaia Cape, Purple Gaia Cape, Blackfist Cape, Fishing Pole, Raccoon Mask, White Raccoon Mask, Spectrum Goggles, Rat Mouth, Android Headgear/Vest/Legs/Gloves/Boots, Pig Illustrated, Pink Flower Tube (One-Handed Sword), Lunchbox, Mark of the Beta, Maple Bandana Blue, Independance Day Hat, Wild Eye's Gas Mask, Maple Treasure Set, Blue Donkey Balloon, Red Elephant Balloon, Evolution Ring, Cloud Robe, Talking Witch Hat, Mini Pumpkin Pointy Hat, Bugeyed Frog Hat, Skis, Green Christmas Sock, Glowing Whip, Luminous Heaven Dagger, Tree Branch Nose, Gold Richie's Handkerchief, Broomstick, Maple 1500 Anniv. Flag, Maple Umbrella, Tempest Set, Legendary Maple Scarf, Pinnicle Set, Revolution Set, Cyclops Eye, Toymaker Hammer, Wee Lightbulbs, Blood Snowboard, Hilla's Rage, Meister Ring.
Mounts (Optional)

There are 6 types of mounts. There are mounts with 140~190 Movement Speed and nothing else. Moving up from there, there are mounts with 140~190 Movement Speed plus either a Double Jump, Glide, Town Flight, or Soaring bonus.
They recently introduced a line of hybrid mounts called Airships. They have a Double Jump and a Rapid Fire attack that fires a small light orb every half a second.
At 120, a quest will become available in the light bulb icon to the left of your screen. The quest involves collecting items and requires 50mil mesos in order to obtain the Soaring ability. I will provide a list of mounts that are known to be able to Soar. Dragon, Knight Chariot, Cloud, Invisible Balrog, Balrog, Hot-Air Balloon, Pegasus, Nightmare, Owl, Magical Broom, Helicopter, Vellum, and Nadeshiko Fly High. If it's a mount that has the word 'Double' in the title, it cannot Soar.


  • ZaiahZaiah
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    Very helpful thread. I can see that you've put a lot of time into this. But I was wondering. Are you planning on playing European reboot? Asking cause this is the ultimate item list for reboot perma beginners in my opinion. You posted it at the right time too :p
  • BabobilishBabobilish
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    it's only right that the guide be as time consuming as it is to play beginner ;) very nice guide.
  • ChroniusNightmareChroniusNightmare
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    edited July 2018
    Zaiah wrote: »
    Very helpful thread. I can see that you've put a lot of time into this. But I was wondering. Are you planning on playing European reboot? Asking cause this is the ultimate item list for reboot perma beginners in my opinion. You posted it at the right time too :p

    I have actually started up a Noblesse in GMS's Reboot and have been between leveling him and writing this. His ign is VoodooBobo.
  • ZaiahZaiah
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    edited August 2018
    Can perma beginners in Reboot actually get a pocket slot?
  • ChroniusNightmareChroniusNightmare
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    Zaiah wrote: »
    Can perma beginners in Reboot actually get a pocket slot?

    There have been events in the past that have had Magic Pouches available to be purchased in coin shops. I'm curious as to why there hasn't been more recently.
  • evilmonkey85evilmonkey85
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    Is it still possible to obtain a Palette shield? I see that its listed under honorable mentions so i assume no, but I'd really love one for fusion anvil :X
  • ChroniusNightmareChroniusNightmare
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    edited December 2018
    Is it still possible to obtain a Palette shield? I see that its listed under honorable mentions so i assume no, but I'd really love one for fusion anvil :X

    It'd be great if the devs actually shared the information of where to get all the equips. The rumor still stands that they're obtained through Gachapon.
  • ZwehksZwehks
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    Are these items still available? Mainly looking at the bandanas in GMS?
  • ChroniusNightmareChroniusNightmare
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    Zwehks wrote: »
    Are these items still available? Mainly looking at the bandanas in GMS?

    It's highly possible with a beginner character (one that hasn't gotten a job yet like Beginner, Noblesse, etc).
  • YacyYacy
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    What are the items under Honorable Mention? Items we cannot get anymore but that you wanted to display the name?

    Also, they revamped NLC/Masteria and Spindle doesn't craft Facestrompers anymore. Or is there something I don't know?

    As for the Yellow Adventure Cape from Showa trade quest. Are you sure it's still obtainable? I've farmed about 16100 Ghost Headbands and I didn't get it yet.

    In case it's simply a really low rate drop, I want to add that I didn't get any Gold/Silver ore, nor arrows. Which seem to be among the ''trash'' rewards of this quest. Thus, I am wondering if they changed the quest to only include 5/10/15 Kinoko Ramen, 5/10/15 Fish Cake, Very Special Sundae & Ice Cream Pop

    So far: 755 Kinoko Ramen, 780 Fish Cake, 75 Sundae, 45 Ice Cream