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is my old account gone for good?

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I really want to get back into my account. poke577, I still have the password one of the main character is still on the rankings 111eli, it was cousins account before becoming mine so birthday is probably the same but I have no idea about the year since when he made the account, we were only 10 years old. (we are now legal adults though) and I have totally forgot the email, am I done for good? need to know if I should send a ticket in or not


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    Nexon no longer uses account ID but emails linked to the ID to access. You would have to talk to live chat (no longer available now) to ask if you can still access it and how.

    This section is for billing support not general account support. since it may require info regarding to that account, I don't think theres a section for that on the forums. Submit a ticket and wait til Monday to speak with a live GM.