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FriendStory Act 1? White Screen

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Started leveling my Blaster and decided to play the friendstory cause it looked like fun. I got through the first act with no issues but now when I started the second act there was a scene where Cygnus was geeking out over the transfer student (me of course) then it went to the hoodlum hearing in thinking it was him. After that cutscene the game goes white and I'm unable to interact with anything. I force closed the game after letting it sit for 30min thinking it would fix itself but now whenever I try to log into this character it starts off with the cutscene with the hoodlum and then the white screen. there's no way to skip the scene or do anything to get out of it. I've tried reinstalling, changed the graphics setting on a separate character then launching it again but nothing works. Any clue? or a way to unstuck my character from this perpetual white screen? I don't want to make a new character after all the effort I put into her :/


  • JokerstickerJokersticker
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    edited August 2018
    Server Bera
    Character name BarKnuckles
    Level 109
    Class Blaster 4th Job
    Currently in an infinite loop of the game white screening after the beginning cutscene for FriendStory
  • WiziorWizior
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    I had the same exact problem and the way I fixed it was simply hitting escape on the white screen and it asks to skip the scene. Hope this helps :/
  • PlutiaPlutia
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    Same issue,
    Server Bera,
    Char name Haukae
    Kanna, Level 178....

    This is crazy! I can't play my character :(

    esc trick worked, thanks so much.