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Crash on Eos Tower 93rd Floor

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Crash

Brief bug summary: Game freezes and sends you back to login as you move around the map. It has been happening since 2 weeks ago.

Steps to reproduce: Just go in and move around on Eos Tower 93rd Floor.

Character name: PurpleBFG

Character level: 94

Character job: Cannon Trooper

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: 8/11/18 18:15 PM EST


  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    Hey PluvioPurple,

    Are you using any movement skills or just walking around normally?

    ~ Thanks

  • csmpcsmp
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    some context,
    1. I think its the 99th floor although i think it could be any of them that leads to the outer area
    2. you can get past it using a hyper teleport rock and climb back up
    3. i know I may not seem important to everyone but it is nice to get your ludibrium monster collection set complete
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    Looking into it, thanks for the info!
  • EnokumoEnokumo
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    title explains it quickly: walking through certain parts of the map causes you to disconnect from the game:

    Jumping from this height causes to crash, as well standing on the very bottom (where the portal is)
  • ArcanisGK507ArcanisGK507
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    Same problem