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MVP Monthly Mega-Pack MP coupons evaporated

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edited August 13 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Cash

Brief bug summary: Maple Points coupons from MVP Monthly Mega-Pack disappears upon usage

More details: I claimed my MVP Monthly Mega-Pack on my Lab Server character, and used the Maple Points coupons. Instead of giving me Maple Points, a chatbox popped up and said 'There was an error. Please try again.' Sadly I couldn't do so because those coupons disappeared as soon as I clicked them.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Claim MVP Monthly Mega-Pack on Lab Server (my rank was Silver)
2. Open the box and choose Maple Points coupons
3. Use the coupons

Character name: Captain9051

Character level: 112

Character job: Corsair

World name: Lab

Date and time of the incident: Approximately 11:50 PM, 08/13/2018