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Looking for a guild to join on Mardia

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Hey Maplers,

I am looking to join a guild that is friendly, Social and Active on Mardia. I have 3 characters on Mardia, my Main is a level 85 Crusader, my second character is a level 30 Wizard (fire poison) and my 3rd character is a level 23 Nightwalker.

My IGN's are : Level 85 Crusader: Sami40675 , Level 30 Wizard: sam40675 and level 23 Nightwalker: Sami765

Thanks Maplers


  • ChroniusNightmareChroniusNightmare
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    I've got an open slot available in my guild for perma beginners if you decide to make Beginner, Noblesse, Legend, or Citizen. The guild is called, Starters.