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[Scania]Tempted, a family since before Bigu Bangu.

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Hello! My name is Jason and I'm here recruiting for Tempted! Tempted is an older guild (Celebrating its 11th year anniversary) in Scania and we would like to see more members become a part of our family. Below you can find some information about what’s in store for you when you join Tempted!

Level Requirements/Class Requirements: Tempted was founded on the idea that all levels and all classes would be accepted into the guild. This is the idea that we continue to uphold till this day. You can be any level from level 1-250 and join Tempted! You can also be any class! New or old players!

Do I have to be a veteran?: No way! You can be a fresh new player who just installed the game and join Tempted! We will do our best to help you through your time in Maplestory and hopefully cause you to have a better experience because of it!

Tempted's community: In Tempted we are a family. We always have our arms open to anyone who is interested and willing to join our family but you must be willing to as well. A large group of us talk everyday over Discord and we play other games as well. We ask that anyone who joins the guild to please make friends with everyone and come join our Discord server (if you are able) and be a part of our great community!

What about bossing?: Tempted has active boss runners that run daily guild point caps, as well as weekly CRA, Lotus, Damien, and Lucid! We are currently looking for other runners who can participate in weekly Lucid

Helping out newer members: When our teams do their boss runs we always check to make sure that there is no one who needs any equipment that they cannot buy themselves. In the terms of Hard Magnus, if you are in need of a Tyrant cape our members will be more than happy to work with you in obtaining one. Our runners run daily, talk to one of them and they will help you out!

Activity?: We ask that all members are to be active as possible. We are a forever evolving guild and are looking to continue growing and evolving in the future. We ask that members contribute as much as possible to the overall guild point ratings of the guild by leveling up and bossing with your fellow guild members.

Secondary characters?: Tempted allows each members to have one additional character in the guild. This is to cut down on the abundance of mules and allow other people to join into our community.

How do I join?: Joining Tempted is easy! All it takes is getting in contact with one of our jrs or posting your information below. If you contact anyone in game make sure you tell them what your messaging of them pertains to. Additionally, you can also buddy me (the leader) if I am not on when you contact me. A list of our jrs will be at the end of this notice. You may also request to join the guild through the guild menu in game and we will accommodate you as quickly as we can. If the guild is full do not hesitate to talk to someone about finding a spot for you! Alternatively, there are other members listed below who will help you with getting in contact with a jr.

Discord: Tempted has its own Discord channel! We ask that everyone make a strong conscious effort to be on the discord channel to allow for better communication, community and activity within the guild! This is very important to us in getting all of our members within the same chat channels. In our discord you can find guides, communities, and players for other games that may interest you. When you join our discord you are welcomed into by the giant sprawling gates of memes.

Alliance: Tempted is allied with the Origins Alliance! This alliance consists of Gallant, Echelon and Tempus!

We hope those reading this help you decide that Tempted is the right guild for you! We look forward to adding new members to our ever growing family!

We ask for ease of access each person interested in joining Tempted should follow the link to this application: http://tinyurl.com/temptedapp It will help us sort through and make it easier to add you into the guild! Please note that responses may take some time to sort through. If you aren’t contacted immediately it does not mean you have been denied. The guild may also be filled at the moment in which we will be working to find you a spot.

List of Tempted Jrs and Leader:

LilithStaker (Leader)







Avengelical (co-owner)

Jiri (co-owner)






We hope to see you in the family soon!


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    Hey guys, just incase anyone was wondering we're still recruiting!