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Bug brawl event issues

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Many people have reported being unable to level up their Ladybug, because Aphids (the little green bugs which are the only thing Ladybugs can gain EXP from) are not dropping.

There are two possible causes for that:

1. The player did not accept the "Bigger, Better Bugs" quest.
In order to accept the quest, you must double-click on the book in your Use inventory, after receiving the Ladybug and Book. (The NPC actually tells you to do that, but who even reads NPC dialog?) After looking at the book, the initial quest will complete, and "Bigger, Better Bugs" will become available. Once you accept that, Aphids will start dropping.

2. The player turned in the "Bigger, Better Bugs" quest, but did not transform their Ladybug into an Ant before picking up a non-Aphid bug. The Ladybug loses exp from doing that, which means it can no longer be transformed. And the Aphids stop dropping because the quest has been turned in.
There is no fix for this issue at this time. Nexon has been informed of it.
To avoid this issue, please make sure to use the book in your Use inventory to transform the Ladybug into an Ant, before turning in the "Bigger, Better Bugs" quest.


  • ArwooArwoo
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    Additional comment that the team is working to resolve this issue ASAP.
  • MarcusPimMarcusPim
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    Its a bugged in DK, hes not up
  • AKradianAKradian
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    Today's maintenance made Aphids drop regardless of the quest (although at a much lower rate than before), so even if you turned in the quest prematurely, you should still be able to level up your Ladybug and transform it into an Ant.
  • IcydropIcydrop
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    I still can't seem to find any Aphids, the smallest I could only find are ladybirds :(
  • AhSaNovaAhSaNova
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    fixed zero skill it a bug time hold still make game crush and died also game crushed asap