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R>new/old/returning players to FLAWS Guild in BERA

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Just created a new guild in Bera (now 2 weeks old), and I am almost always on the look out to recruit members who are willing to have a fun & chill time with us!

A little bit about me:

My IGN is Leedah - my main character is a lvl 207 Xenon. I tried maplestory out for a very short period of time 7 years ago, didn't really find the time to play. In recent times however, I have been able to play maplestory for the past so many months and despite what people have been saying about the current state of maplestory, I have really enjoyed my time :D

We are currently made up of 5 active members including myself (and a handful of alts) - I go bossing with 3 members at an approximate set time each day so we c each other all the time.

Enough said, find me in maplestory!