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Light in the Darkness - Pumpkin Carving Contest

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It's almost Halloween, Maplers, and as darkness looms it's important now more than ever to bring light into the world. What better way to bring light, in this spookiest time of the year, than with a pumpkin carving contest? Show us your spookiest, most enchanting, or most creative MapleStory-themed jack-o-lanterns - the best lights from the pumpkin patch will see great rewards!

To enter, simply carve, illuminate, and submit a photograph of your pumpkin in this thread between October 9 and October 31, 2018. Be sure to include your IGN and world on your submission!

This is just the basic template of what you should have in your entry:
Description of your Jack-o-lantern (optional):

- No multiple submissions
- No plagiarism
- No inappropriate content (Definition of inappropriate is left up to the decision of the judges)
- Both real and fake pumpkins will be accepted, but we must be able to recognize the pumpkin in the final work.
- Painting and extra decorations are allowed.
- Submissions must be carved and illuminated! Paints are pretty, but they won't bring light.
- Non-candle light sources are accepted.
- Any breach of these rules is grounds for disqualification
- All decisions of the judges are final
- Players that have been banned in the game are not allowed to win this contest.
- For the full official rules of this contest, please click here: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/22177/pumpkin-carving-contest-official-rules?new=1

1st - 65,000 MP
2nd - 35,000 MP
3rd - 25,000 MP

How will the winner be decided:
Jack-o-lanterns will be judged on the following criteria:
Originality - Is your jack-o-lantern truly inspired to shine?
Craftsmanship - Is your jack-o-lantern the most well-crafted gourd to ever grace an autumn porch?
Theme: Does your jack-o-lantern fit the Halloween season?