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Spirit's Domain Character Out or Range Bug

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edited October 2018 in Bug Reporting
Wail Using Kanna's 5th Job Skill Spirit's Domain On Large maps like in Morass
wandering to far from Domains activation point causes Domain to unrendered / vanish witch stops all damage to mobs with in the effect area.

How I Found This Out:

Wail in the map "Street Cat Area" in Morass Using Domain to Clear the Cats at the top most platform I noticed if I stand there with domain activated at the Lowest Point
Of the map the animation disappears, The Buff Stops, and all mob with in the area that domain was currently active in would also stop revising any damage. All of these happen wail Standing With in the "AoE" of the skill at the near top of the skill. Moving down a few platforms the animation, buff and damage to mobs resumes like normal.


Using the Map "Morass: Street Cat Area" standing at the Flower planter Hidden Portal at the bottom of the map Activate Spirit's Domain.
Moving To The Top Most Platform of the map witch is right bellow were Spirit's Domain is and just were the Animation Graphic almost ends ends.
all Animation, Effect and Damage Stops.

Here is a Video of myself demonstrating the bug:https://youtube.com/watch?v=dPOyZ5zZ0mA

I hope this video helps when trying to recreate the bug.

Character Name: InferRed

Character Current LV: 237

Character Job: Kanna

World Name: Reboot

Date/Time:10/10/2018 11:30am PST