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Monster in 1st stage of Dream Defender spawn early

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I have viewed some Dream Defender (Dream Breaker in other MS versions) videos lately and I realized that the first stage (entry stage selected), monsters and purple music boxes in here, GMS, automatically spawns upon entry before it is suppose to start. In other versions, they start to spawn after they countdown. I can show some videos, see below:

This is in KMS right here:

Then here in TMS:

In the entry stage they selected, monsters don't spawn yet until countdown is over. Howerer, here in GMS, that is not the case and I can put a few videos right here. I made a few of them.

Back in October 2017, when I first made floor 90>100, monsters spawning too early in stage 90:

Then lately, 2 months ago, still same issue, in stage 120 spawning too early again:

Also happening to other players of GMS, even with better ping than mine, stage 200 spawning too early:

It has been happening since Dream Defender came out in summer 2017 and to every players of GMS and Luna server too:

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    Forgot to mention it might be a real issue if anyone freezes while entering in it =/