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Might of the Nova bug

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edited October 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill
Brief bug summary: Invulnerability is only in effect for ONE blow

More details:

The skill is described as having the following effects:
HP Cost: #hpRCon% of Max HP, Max Enemies Hit: #mobCount, Damage: #damage%, Number of Attacks: #attackCount
Buff: After use, you are protected from fatal blows for #x sec.
Cooldown: #cooltime sec.

Note. FATAL BLOWS (plural)

The skill's buff is only effective against a SINGLE FATAL BLOW within the buff's duration.

I can only conclude one of two things; either the buff is bugged or there's a grammatical error in the description.

Steps to reproduce:

Use the skill ""Might of the Nova" then allow yourself to get hit by a fatal blow, then allow yourself to get hit by another one shortly after (within the buff's active time). You will die on the second fatal blow.

Character name: Lynyxxx

Character level: 220

Character job: Angelic Buster

World name: Broa

Date and time of the incident: several / not applicable, EDT


I tested it twice, once (inadvertently) against Normal Magnus (thus noticing the bug to begin with), and again later against Hard Gollux (intentionally allowing myself to get hit twice by fatal blows)to confirm