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Hyperstat "DF/TF" is missing description for Mana

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edited October 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Missing a portion of the skill description

Brief bug summary:
The hyper stat function correctly (Correctly add +10 max DF/TF/Mana).
Just that it forget to mention it add +10 Mana for Kanna in the shortened title.
Also forgot to mention Time Force in the full title.

It should be
Shortened title:
Full Title:
Demon Fury / Time Force / Mana
Skill Description:
[Max Level:5]
Increase Max Demon Fury for Demon.
Increase Max Time Force for Zero.
Increase Max Mana for Kanna.

[Next Level 1]
Increase Max Demon fury for Demon/Time Force for Zero/Mana for Kanna by 10