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[NA Reboot] Revive

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About Revive
We consist a majority of players from North America and a few players from around the world.
Our Discord server contains a few guides that will help new and returning players progress.
We are more than willing to help anyone with their questions and/or progression!

Our Guild headquarters is currently located at Channel 4 - Maya's House. You will always find someone there AFK :P

- Active mains only
- No hacking or botting
- No spamming or begging
- No kill-stealing or stealing maps

We have a plus one rule where you can join on your alt or secondary main.
You must show that you are active or you will be exempt from this rule.

Available boss carries:
- Chaos Root Abyss
- Lotus and Damien

We are more inclined to carry those who follow rules and befriends others.
Daily Cap and/or Flag Race is a bonus.
"Cap" is gaining the maximum Guild contribution (5,000) for the day until reset. We usually do Root Abyss + Normal Magnus together.

How-to Join:
- Send a guild request (Our guild name is Revive) then reply here with your IGN so I know you applied :)

Thank you, I hope to see you all in-game!