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[NA Reboot] Revive - Now Recruiting!

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About Revive
- Most of our members reside in US and Canada. Active hours is between reset until late night.
- We are a super friendly and helpful guild; it is a small tight-knit community.
- We use Discord as our primary means of communication.

Our Guild headquarters is located at Channel 4 - Maya's House. You will always find someone there chilling.

- Active mains only. Second mains are welcome.
- No hacking or botting.
- No spamming or begging of any kind.
- No kill-stealing or stealing maps.
- Must Guild Cap at least twice a week.

Available boss carries:
- Hell Gollux (daily)
- Chaos Root Abyss (weekly)
- Hard Magnus (weekly)
- Lotus and Damien (Lomien) (weekly)

- Carries are given to those who make an effort to Guild Cap and/or Flag Race.
- You may not ask for carries from the Alliance regardless of communication method.
- However, you are free to ask for carries from the Guild.

How-to Join:
- Apply to Revive using the Guild UI in-game