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Increase nodestone drop in later Arcane River area

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As a counter balance to decreasing Vanishing Journey nodestone drop rate nerf.
People farm Vanishing Journey area because it is the first area they can one shot the mob, where as moving on to Chu Chu Island mobs require double the damage (not a small feat), a higher level than the mob to get bonus damage (oh boy the grind), like 2-3 weeks of dailies (to get the 1.5x arcane force requirement for 1.5x damage) to start one shotting the mob in Chu Chu (because the difference between two shotting and one shotting is like halving the node drop rate and exp just by switching to a higher level monster).


  • AznboiEAznboiE
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    All they should do is have that effect only apply to those who are 211 and above, not everyone including those at level 200-209+ as they don't have other sources to farm nodestones from other than buying them and doing events, but I do welcome the change to improve the drop rate of nodestones that scales up based on monster level rather than keeping a flat rate for every single enemy.