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What Nexon should do

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Recently an extremely high amount of legitimate players have been banned for simply playing the game the way it was intended. I am not one of those people who have been falsely ban, but I know many people who have played legitimately for years and have been banned in the last few days. Random lag spikes should not be enough to trigger the autoban system. Spamming skills, the way they are intended to be used, should not trigger the autoban system. Fix your autoban system and then unban everyone whose been banned in the last week to two weeks. Nobody cares how many hackers you've caught if you've banned a fourth of your legitimate player base along with it. To add insult to injury, there are legitimate players that have remained banned from months ago, and continue to be fed the same copy paste automated responses to their tickets. Why would anyone want to play this game if all their hard work and money spent can be wiped away so easily by your incompetence.


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    The additional annoying thing is this, the events that are out now too require a dedicated amount of time to complete to gain the maximum potential. The Maple relay box event needs 33 days roughly to complete fully. Being banned for any amount of time puts each legitimate player at a loss. Especially those new to the game as events like this can be most beneficial.