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PSA for Arks during this random auto-ban period.

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Yesterday, my level 226 Ark was banned for doing Gollux. You heard me: they banned me for "modded Ark skills" to kill Gollux. I have 6m range, I don't need hacks to kill Hellux, mates. I didn't experience lag, and only one odd thing happened during the run. So here's my PSA to hopefully keep other legit Arks safe for the time being.

Be careful where, when, and how you use Blissful Restraint, Abyssal Recall, and Unstoppable Impulse. In Hellux, I used Blissful Restraint in phase 2 for damage purposes. Because Hellux can't be properly bound, you can still die to its moves and skills. I died to the OHKO skill right after binding, which is what I assume the auto-ban registered as a modded skill, because Blissful Restraint is a weird skill that causes damage to be held back until the end of its duration.

Other than that, I only used Abyssal Recall and spectre-forme skills to kill phase 2 and 3. If you're going bossing during this period, try to get other people to bind, because Blissful Restraint is apparently throwing red flags towards the ban detection.