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Not sure what to do from here and need some advice

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I started playing MapleStory again after reading about the black mage event and tera burning event. I main a 225(222 at the start of the event) hayato that I've been capping out on dailies for determination since the start of the event. A month later, beast tamers were open for creation and I still haven't tera burned a character yet, so I decided to tera burn a beast tamer.

I leveled my beast tamer to 202 and got my 5th job advancement, meanwhile still capping out determination on my hayato. The day after I got my 5th job advancement I decided to do the determination dailies for the first time after doing my hayato ones. I went in a map with ~6 other players doing the dailies for roughly 20 minutes and I was hit with a ban.

I have sent in multiple tickets with all of them rejecting my appeal and if I were to send in more tickets then they would ban me from their support system. I was incredibly excited about playing through this event from the beginning to the end with my hayato and my beast tamer caused me to get banned. I am incredibly depressed by this fact and I don't know what to do. Some advice and support would be appreciated!


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    The only support you are gonna get here is people feeling sympathy because Nexon keeps fawking up. There's really nothing else to say but either quit playing this game or hope to God that they can unban the legit players who got banned. The sad thing is that even if you get unbanned, you still have missed the once in a lifetime event that you worked so hard on. I feel bad for everyone who didn't hack and got banned. It cannot be compensated.