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Unfair ban

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So I got permanent banned for use of illegal program, but I did not use any hacks. I sent an appeal and they say to me "Please be informed that we found no errors or inconsistency with the methods of the investigation. Your account was placed under thorough investigation before arriving at the conclusion. Upon reviews, our Investigations team deemed that the account was guilty of hacking."

Now I don't know what to do. Is it possible to take legal actions? I only spent 10 dollars on this account, but this injustice makes me so angry that I would take the time if that was viable (but i doubt). This is an abuse.

I'll send a few more requests, hoping that a higher instance review my ban and no GM Krismagus, that doesn't do his work properly.

Don't play Kanna on bye bye station, because these retards don't know how their game works.


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    Threatening legal action is neither an appropriate response to a ban nor an appropriate thing to say on the forums. Ditto your choice of insult at the end of the post.

    Nexon is aware of certain hack detection methods resulting in the bans of legitimate players, including detection methods related to the Kanna skill Monkey Spirits and related to Rune usage. Both of these detection methods have been suspended, and the banned players are being looked into.

    We cannot help you with ban appeals on the forums either. Try contacting Live Chat when ban appeal services are available.

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