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Perma-Banned for Playing Ark

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As the title suggests, I got banned from the game for simply playing Ark (At least that's what i'm thinking). I was doing the Mushroom Shrine Questline and got to Tengu. This was my first time fighting him and when I realized that normal attacks don't work on him, I simply did the sit button and got instantly banned afterwards during the fight against him. After filing a ticket AND multiple pieces of evidence of numerous other players suffering the same fate, they concluded and stated in the tickets that I was going to remain permanently banned for "suspicious activity" and that I performed a "Full Map Attack". I don't know the first thing about hacking for one, let alone I didn't even know you could Full Map Attack. The customer support was terrible. I provided evidence of other players being accused of the same thing and some of them even unbanned. I barely came back to the game and suddenly get banned for something I was completely unaware of. I had no idea Arks were getting banned left and right. I had no idea that the Tengu boss fight actually led to some bans either. But the fact that they "investigated" and stated that I was using malicious programs to perform a full map attack? I have never hacked on a single online game ever, and being accused of such a thing makes me so angry. On top of being permanently banned for no reason. Again, there's so many different and similar posts by other people that it's not even funny.

"To top it off, Nexon support is probably among the most incompetent I've experienced. My friend got banned 2 days ago on his Ark because of the Tengu issue, and both through ticket and live chat, the "GMs" simply use copy-pasted responses to practically call him a liar, and tell him to follow the ToS, and not even listening to what he has to say. They don't even have the most basic understanding on how their game works. The least they could do is issue a warning for Arks to know what maps or attacks to avoid while they fix the issue."
"As an ark player myself I have to say that the ark bans are real :/ I was a victim of a false ban TWICE and just got my account unbanned after one week. I would say to avoid ark bans I won't be using abyss recall nor blissful restraint as those skills were both adressed by GM's as being involved in "suspicious activities""
"I recently got the Ark ban (3 days ago) for fighting Tengu boss using illegal move, and I’m sorta frustrated.... sent them like 3-4 emails and I get same sorta reply every time. Just hope some actual Nexon employee can unban me. Don’t wanna waste all that grind and I don’t have any other pc games to play for now so yeah....."
http://www.basilmarket.com/Unbanned-from-a-perma-ban-Thread-b1Wqo-1 (Not too related but this person got a similar ticket response and gets unbanned)

There is also an Official Maplestory Discord Server as well, with COUNTLESS people being banned for simply playing Ark as well, and yet, they aren't tending to the needs of players that just want to play the character for fun. I understand that there are botters and hackers that use Kannas and Arks to hack. I am aware, the security system to ban those future hackers is a fantastic defense mechanism, but even so. If they can't identify the rights from the wrongs, or simply put, the legitimate from the illegitimate, it frustrates numerous players for just wanting to play the game. I'm in hopes that someone understands this post or they can see this post, because my ban was just so unjust and unfair. I have doubts that it was even looked into as well..


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    Actually I was unbanned as of today and I understand how you feel (you actually quoted one of my comments) and I knew the ban wasn’t over yet, that’s why I’m avoiding Tengu boss for now and I nearly gave up (last email I sent was 9 days ago) but that is until I contacted their ban appeal department, which was yesterday. So I highly suggest you do that and be nice to them in general. Which they’d probably fix your account as well.